FESTIVALS IN EMAUDO, EKPOMA- ELDER M.E ROMANArticle written based on experience. Ighe Ekejokho-Emaudo: Introduction
Ighe Ekejokho is a festival celebrated by the community yearly in the month of December in honor of their deity known as Ekejokho, which has a chief priest. This Deity was held supreme owing to its power of Defence for the community during war invention. Its main weapon of attack during war is hurricane wind, this deity migrated from a village called Ugha in Benin kingdom to settle in Emaudo. The celebration takes three full days. FIRST DAY: During the festival, giant drums are rolled out to produce intoxicating and spiritual music. This music makes those in the spiritual realm to fall into the dancing arena making dexterous movement and prophesying happenings in the community under the control of the chief priest. The host of the feast awaits the arrival of their guests as they continue with their spiritual dance. SECOND DAY: The second day of the festival introduces (brings about) the cooking and distribution of foods especially their native food (pounded yam and black soup), invited guests start arriving. Mid-day of the second day of the festival: Villagers begin their carnival dance to the village square, being the main highlight of the festival. Spiritually inclined villagers can dance through 1km to get to the main arena of the festival, crossing all obstacles to get to the arena. On this day, guests who are not natives are not allowed to go the dancing square arena for fear of spiritual attack. THIRD DAY: On the third day of the festival; that is the day of conclusion. Elders of the village round up the festival by holding a forum for all elders, where they are entertained and they review the festival celebration with a view of making a better festival the following year. Lastly, on this day all invited guests return to their various places, bringing the feast to an end. Edited by Mr. Gabriel Anuge